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Investment or love at first sight?

The first and most important criteria for the purchase of any artwork is that the pieces appeals to you, you love what it represents and that every time you look at it you discover something new. However, when you are contemplating the purchase of a piece and the price is stopping you from making a decision consider this: many portfolio managers recommend adding artwork to all diversified portfolios. The sales index of artwork used by these managers indicates an average annual return on investment of 6.5% for the last 4 decades. 75% of collectors base their purchase decisions on the two most important factors, the artistic value of the art work and the return on investment potential.

Nothing prevents you from speculating on an artist you feel will be famous one day. Before purchasing a masterpiece to enhance your collection expecting a return on your investment it is important to note that the artists who generate interesting returns are artists with a well known reputation. Fundamentally, each purchase of art work must be fueled by passion, the investment aspect should be the element that helps you justify your purchase decision.

We at Galerie Gagne can not guaranty a return on your investment for the purchase of artwork.
The only guaranty me make is that you will love it.