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Michel Gagné



Michel Gagne




The role of the sculptor is to release his inspiration from a piece of wood, of copper or any other materiel to create a work of art. In my case the shape of the object is already present, I am the catalyst which recognizes the shape and transforms it, to bring out the beauty that nature has already created. My only talent is my vision, the potential I see in the raw material. All the work has already been done, I only help bring it to the surface.

Ultimately, everyone perceives the finished product differently and identifies on a personal level with the piece. The beauty, movement, tranquility or the harmony are all there, it’s up to you to discover them and interpret them for yourself. 




Wood on granit base

34 inches high


250 $

sculpture A


sculpture AA



Another christmas

Wood on granite base

13 x 18 x 25 inches high



sclupture B


sclupture BB



Empty shell of itself

Wood on granit base

26 x 12 inches


200 $

empty shell of itself Copy


empty shell of itself 4 Copy