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Joannie Doyon



Joannie Doyon


Joannie was born in Thetford Mines, after obtaining her diploma in fine arts from Cégep de Sainte-Foy, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in education. Following this, in order to feed this consuming passion for painting, she completed a certificate in visual arts at Laval University. Through her contact with her professors and other artists, Joannie has defined her personal style which resonates with her impulsive and independent personality. Along with her other duties as a teacher, Joannie enjoys teaching art to elementary school children.


Her work is characterized by a mixture of spontaneity and control influenced by great Cubist painters. Acrylic is her preferred medium. Through this medium she is able to express her perception of colour and light. She transcribes her impressions with subtle and instinctive movements. To add depth to her artwork she superimposes layers of texture. The image evolves in a blank space by juxtaposing colors and shapes. Moreover, she favors primary colors and transparency.




Acrylic on canvas

12 in. x 24 inches.
(305 X 610 mm)


Inventory No :  2016103

280 $     SOLD


ombrage 1


Plus grand que nature

Acrylic on canvas
37 in x 57 inches
(940 X 1448 mm)


Inventory No : 2016112

750 $      


 Plus grand que nature




Acrylic on canvas
18 in x 14 inches
(457 X 356 mm)
framed Cadre


Inventory No : 2016108

280 $

 recuperation 2 1