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Jacques Lisée  IAF, AIBAQ

sculptor and painter



Jacques Lisee


Born in Fontainebleau, near Weedon (Quebec, Canada), Jacques Lisée lives in Thetford Mines since 1955. It was in this small town that he first became interested in wood carving. A self-taught painter and sculptor, he has earned his living with his art for the past 44 years. He has pursued his artistic endeavor with a talent and originality that both surprises and seduces. The elderly with endearing physiognomy, earthy characters, caricatural scenes, images cleverly distorted. He has an eye for detail while managing to maintain a thematic unity that gives a unique style to each of one of his pieces. The artist has deftly presented, in a new light, life in the countryside, farm animals, domestic work and scenes of everyday life which, through his humor and inspiration have been transformed into a vast, constantly renewed fresco of daily life. The artist is constantly seeking new mediums to express his talent ...






Village Sleigh II

Acrylic on wood sculpture

12 in x 15 in.

(310 X 380 mm)

Inventory No : 2016212


Village et barlot 2 web


The Choir 

Acrylic on carved wood
12 in. x 24 in.
(310 X 610 mm)

Inventory No : 2016213



La chorale web


Making Hay

Acrylic on wood sculpture
10 in. x 25 inches
(250 X 630 mm)
Inventory No : 2016206 

Les foins web