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Raphaël Zweidler



Raphael Zweidler


Raphael Ivo Zweidler , born in 1975, is an artist who has traveled a singular path. Multidisciplinary (construction, sculpture, painting and furniture) his daring creates an unregulated universe. His driven interest in construction lead him to study architecture where art and materials converge. "I remember drawing, but painting removed me from reality, where the unexpected is provoked. An inexplicable flood of ideas overwhelms me. Leave it up to infinity, to the unexpected, to wonder and finally to exploration. The colors emerge and capture the atmosphere, the shapes are expressed in the moment. The fluid exchange between my perception and my experiences have inspired me and led to a spontaneous and intuitive impulse, reflected in the strength and the essence of my work. A deep desire to disregard rigor, precision and problem solving have allowed me to find freedom and simplicity in my strokes"



London calling

Oil on mdf,
36 inches x 36 inches
(914 X 914 mm)


Inventory No : 2016300


London Calling


Some call it jazz

Oil on mdf,
6 inches x 12 inches
( 152 X 305 mm)


Inventory No : 2016301




Some call it jazz


The path is gold

Oil on mdf, 
7 inches x 14 inches
(178 x 356 mm)


Inventory No : 2016302

400 $

path is gold

From somewhere I know

Oil on mdf, 
24 inches x 24 inches
(610 x 610 mm)


Inventory No : 2016303

700 $

From somewhere I know

Midnight over years

Oil on mdf, 
42 inches x 48 inches
(1067 x 1067 mm)


Inventory No : 2016304

1260 $

midnight over years